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About Us

Fashion sense and style isn’t a birthright for Parisians. It’s earned.


Anastasia “Ana” Cabrit, founder of Baboosha, was born in Paris and raised between her mother’s Le Marais appartementin the capital city and her father’s countryside farm in the Southwest of France.

It was navigating throughout the years between these two polarizing worlds that she gained a love for nature and fashion. At the time she could not have known the important role these experiences would play today.

Growing up in the fashion capital of the world played a pivotal role in Ana’s early years. She can distinctly remember creating different looks when her mom took her weekend shopping at the boutiques. There were many a day when she sat street-side on Parisian café’s and terraces admiring the latest fashions and thinking how someday her ideas will be amongst them.

Ana has always lived in a world surrounded by creativity. She studied photography, audiovisual production, worked at a creative ad agency, and dabbled in her own underground spirited label. When Ana was approached to spearhead Baboosha she jumped at the chance.

Follow the creativity and experiences through Ana’s story as she brings to life the brand that will improve the way you enjoy your leisure time at home in a fun and stylish manner.